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T1 Club – Introducing Club Racing for Formula Cars.

Introducing club racing days, a new high-frequency race option for T1 club members driving open-wheel Formula cars. You can now request a race ON ANY T1 CLUB DAY!     

Is this for me?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about competing in the Simraceway Series but aren’t sure whether you’re ready? Or maybe you’re an existing racer who wants to drive competitively more frequently? Perhaps you’re already campaigning a professional program and want as much training and practice as you can get? If so, then YES, club races are for you.  T1 Club will offer these informal club races on any T1 weekday that 4 or more members request to race.  

What Are Club Racing Days?

Club Racing is a new opportunity for the T1 Club at Simraceway. This is a fresh new racing-oriented way for you to take advantage of your membership and give you the additional experience you need to find out if racing in a more formal series is right for you. We think you’ll love the fun, flexibility, freedom, and opportunity to develop racing experience in a welcoming environment with expert coaching that accompanies all T1 days. This new club racing program is currently open to Formula 3, Formula 4 and Formula Pro Mazda drivers. If successful as an offering, we will expand it to other classes and types of vehicles. 

This is an informal weekday racing program that doesn’t have the points, prestige, pressure or pricing of our main championship series. We encourage you to organize your own races with other T1 Club drivers. A minimum of four drivers are required. 

You can book informal club races with other T1 Club Formula car drivers on any one of the T1 days through the summer. All you need is three other drivers in order to schedule a race.

How Do I arrange a T1 Club Race?

We strongly encourage self organization, so please feel free to get your own group of racers together for a given date. We can book the race with as little as 72hrs notice (assuming your vehicle is prepped and ready to race) and subject to ALS availability. Though we recommend at least a week’s notice.  

Whether you’re a Formula 3, Formula 4  or a Pro Mazda driver, you can have an amazing time and gain experience competing on the track with fellow T1 club drivers without the pressure of a formal weekend of qualifying and racing. If you have a group of four or more, put your heads together, pick a date, and email or call us to make final arrangements. If you have three drivers, please contact us. We may have ideas for another driver who could make up the field for your race.


Whilst your T1 days are included in your membership, there is a small surcharge for us to operate the race:  $495 per driver. This covers ALS and corner workers. Please be aware, this does not include timed scoring or data analysis. Though those are available through the addition of a private coach to the day. Consumables, support and coaching are charged in the normal manner.