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Mechanics Training Program

Take your first steps into a new career with the Simraceway Mechanics Training Program (“MTP”)

Bay Area Mechanics Training Program


The continued expansion of the motorsports industry has created a persistent demand for knowledgeable race car mechanics. Taking that first step on the career ladder and gaining qualifications that top teams will recognize, however, is far from simple. That’s where the Simraceway Mechanics Training Program comes in.

Our highly-regarded race mechanic school specializes in the preparation of entry-level mechanics for race teams—and many of the 2,700+ students who have come through our doors are now employed at all levels of IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, and vintage racing teams, and by chassis and engine suppliers.

If you’re interested in embarking on an exciting new race mechanic career, or if you’re a race car enthusiast looking to improve your knowledge of open-wheel racing, read on!


The life of a professional racing mechanic is a thrilling blend of physical effort, coordinated teamwork and competitive action—and the Simraceway Mechanics Training Program has been designed to offer the perfect preparation for this exciting career.

Introductory Program
Three Months ($2,300)

Arming students with all the practical knowledge and skills they need to begin their search for an entry-level career in professional motorsports, the course studies the basic mechanical design of the modern-day open-wheel racecar, with emphasis on its preparation and applications.

As well as working side-by-side with our professional technicians on our modern fleet of Formula 3 cars, students will benefit from the collective knowledge of an array of industry professionals, discussing racecar theory, racing hardware and engines, cooling, oil, braking, and driveline systems, suspension, gearboxes, aerodynamics, data acquisition, and more. For a full course outline, see below.

  • Race car preparation
    Work hands on with our professional technicians, preparing our advanced Formula 3 cars for track use.
  • Basic race car theory
    An explanation of basic race car dynamics and build processes, and an overview of today’s racing cars.
  • Introduction to racing hardware
    An explanation of the various types of hardware used today, and their applications to modern racing.
  • Introduction to racing engines, cooling systems, and oil systems
    An essential overview of engine systems and design.
  • Introduction to race car braking systems and suspension dynamics
    An overview of braking systems, race car setup, and vehicle dynamics, including practical experience.
  • Introduction to racing gearboxes and driveline systems
    An overview of gearbox and driveline systems and their applications to modern racing, including practical experience of gearbox construction and preparation.
  • Introduction to modern aerodynamic theory and its applications
    An overview of the evolution and application of racing aerodynamics.
  • Introduction to data acquisition systems
    An explanation covering the essentials of today’s data systems, and their applications.
  • Race car construction
    Build your own Formula 3 car (one per class) and watch it test on track before graduating from the program.
Program Requirements
The Simraceway Mechanics Training Program is suitable for everybody aged 18 and over, from aspiring mechanics to race car enthusiasts. No prior experience is necessary in order to enroll.
You must provide:
  • An interest in—and physical ability to—fulfill the role of a mechanic (we will ascertain your suitability by way of a personal interview and orientation exercise)
  • All living expenses incurred during the school’s duration
  • A High School Diploma, G.E.D., or California High School Proficiency Certificate
We will provide:
  • A top-line set of professional tools
  • All the clothing you’ll need in order to undertake the course
  • Resume and placement assistance to help you find suitable employment
Program Duration and Pricing:
  • Each Simraceway Mechanics Training Program semester spans a three-month period, offers a total of 480 hours of instruction and hands-on training, and accepts a maximum of ten students.
  • The cost of tuition is $2,300.00 per student. Students will also need to pay $50.00 for registration and $100 for books and other required equipment.
  • The program does not receive state or federal assistance on behalf of its students.
Alumni Testimonials

The Mechanics Training Program put me in contact with people in the industry and opened the door to many opportunities. The time I spent on the program was one of the best years I’ve had. I met many great people from all walks of life that I still, to this day, keep in touch with.
Clay Turner
Graduated: June 2001
Current position: Front End Mechanic and Outside Rear Tire Changer, Team Penske #2, IndyCar Series

The Mechanics Training Program was key in refining my mechanical skills into usable racing skills. It didn’t teach me everything I know, but it did teach me about everything—and everybody—I needed to know to land a job and remain in the industry for the last 13 1/2 years. I still work with industry professionals that I met years ago as guest speakers.
Richard J Romeo
Graduated: December 2000
Current position: Car Chief, Bimmerworld Racing #81, IMSA Continental Tires Sportscar Challenge, ST class

I came to the Mechanics Training Program with little-to-no automotive or racing experience. While there, I tried to learn as much as possible, listen to my instructors, and work hard. If you have a desire to learn, apply yourself and work hard, this program will put in a good word for you when you want to move onto the next level. It did for me, and it’s thanks to the MTP that I’m where I am today.
Andrew Copeland
Graduated: December 2008
Current position: Front End Mechanic, A.J. Foyt Enterprises

The skill set and experience I gained through the MTP gave me a distinct advantage that most others seeking an entry-level position with a race team didn’t have. The practices and techniques I learned there I still use today.
Andrew McNamara
Graduated: December 2003
Current position: Car Chief, Alex Job Racing/WeatherTech #22

The MTP program gave me extensive knowledge to improve my mechanics skills and to apply them at my new job in the motorsports field. Anybody serious about opening new doors into the motorsports world should exercise this program’s many possibilities.
Cory Mackey
Graduated: December 2005
Current position: Technician and Data Acquisition Specialist

The MTP program gave me the necessary tools to succeed at the highest levels of motorsport. Because of my experience as an MTP graduate I have had a successful 30-year career in a very exciting and rewarding field. I could not have gone as far as I did in my driving career without this experience.
Tim Moser
Graduated: 1988
Current position: Sales Manager

Graduating the MTP program opened the right doors for me and helped me in my pursuit of a career in professional motorsports.
KC Morrison
Graduated: 2008
Current position: Karting Center Manager

Great program that rewarded me with an immediate job placement with a professional formula car team.
Tim Ryan
Graduated: 2006
Current position: Technician