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Our selection of shorter programs and experiences
ranging in duration from 1hr to 1/2 a day.

Formula 3 Racing
Experience – $1,495

F3 Racing School ExperienceFor those who yearn for the HPDE thrill of speeding around a world-famous track in a state-of-the-art race car, our Formula 3 Racing School Experience is the emphatic, adrenaline-pumping answer. Whether you’re ticking an item off a bucket list or looking for an unbeatable gift idea, this half-day course has it all, dropping you into the cockpit of the ultimate single-seater training car on one of the most exciting road courses in the US, the Sonoma Raceway in the California Bay Area.

Kart Racing Experience – $295

This half-day program, designed for go kart drivers of 13 years and over, explores the fundamentals of racing, from racing lines, braking methods, and acceleration, to cornering forces and vehicle balance. After each track session on our purpose-built International Karting Course, drivers will receive expert coaching from our professional instructors in order to lock in what they have learned behind the wheel. This course uses our Rotax-powered Sprint Karts, which are capable of speeds in excess of 70 mph.