If you own a high-performance street car, you most certainly love to test the limit of your vehicle. There is only one challenge – you can’t do so safely, and legally, on public roads. In order to let your vehicle live up to its potential, you’ll need to gain access to a proper racing circuit on which to turn it loose. This is where Simraceway Performance Driving track days come into the picture.


Simraceway Performance Driving Center is located at the historic Sonoma Raceway, which is the ideal place to put your car to the test. While driving enthusiasts know about our acclaimed racing schools, many people are unaware of the opportunity to drive their own cars during our track day events. These events are a great opportunity to push your car to the limit and develop a better understanding of vehicle dynamics without breaking laws or putting others in danger out on the road. Track days are a favorite pastime for many car enthusiasts, and few track day experiences can match the thrill found at the Sonoma Raceway.


At Simraceway, we offer a unique variant of Track Days called ‘Track Days Plus’. These are basically track days with the addition of light instruction from top professional instructors to help you improve your driving skills. The instructors at Simraceway are all professional, full time instructors not simply program participants that lend a hand to new drivers, so they are highly qualified to help you sharpen your track driving performance. Our team of professional racers and instructors are focused on one goal – your development as a driver.


Simply blasting your car around a Raceway time and time again might be fun, but it isn’t necessarily going to make you a better driver. We believe you will have even more fun by learning how to drive properly around a track, which is why we add the element of instruction to all our track days. Don’t worry – you aren’t going to spend all day stuck in a classroom when you want to be driving. Our track days are still focused on being on the track with your car. Simraceway offers the most track time in the industry and with the addition of some insights and tips from our highly qualified team, you will have a track day experience that surpasses what you will find with any other operator. You’ll also progress faster, drive faster and feel more confident in every turn.


After two or three track days with Simraceway, you may decide that you would like to get more serious about your driving performance. If that is the case, you will already be in the right place. Simraceway offers three stages of intensive driver training – Performance Driving Schools Stage 1, 2 & 3, each designed to advance your skills on the track.


This day-long class blends classroom and in-car work to allow you to learn the fundamentals of controlling your car on a track. Cornering technique, lateral load transfer, trail braking and threshold braking are among the theories presented and practiced in this program.


Those who have completed Stage One (or have the necessary driving experience) can register for Stage Two of our Performance Driving Program. Track time is the main focus of this program, with four separate 30-minute lapping sessions highlighting the day.


Successfully completing Stage Two will enable you to move to Stage Three. This stage is perfect for drivers looking to perfect their craft, shaving off those final tenths of seconds in their lap times. Five 25-minute lapping sessions allow you generous time to hone your skills which are observed by instructors, providing feedback and further coaching by in-car radio and in debriefs between sessions.

There is certainly plenty of fun to be had at Sonoma Raceway simply by visiting Simraceway Performance Driving Center for a Track Day Plus event. However, when you feel the need to move around the track in faster and faster times, our Performance Driving Program offerings are the logical next step.




Track day operators typically divide drivers up into groups based on experience – A, B, C, and D. Drivers in the A Group are complete beginners when it comes to track driving, while those in the D Group are either professional drivers or racers.

The Track Day Plus events offered by Simraceway are meant to cater to drivers in the B and C categories. If you are currently an A-level driver, we recommend you complete Performance Driving Stage 1 and 2 prior to visiting us for a track day. Those who are in the D category are welcome to join the C group for a track day, but we also have other driving opportunities which may better suit your needs. Please contact us for details.

To qualify for the B and C groups, check out the points listed below.


Track day experiences are memorable whether you come by yourself or with a group of friends. Even if you have been driving your personal vehicle for many years, it is likely that you still do not know what it is capable of achieving when given the opportunity. During a day at the track, you will have the chance to explore the limits of your vehicle – for perhaps the first time. By developing your skills with the help of our talented, friendly, and experienced team, you will have the confidence necessary to tear around the Sonoma Raceway in an impressive time.

There are few experiences quite like track days, so contact Simraceway Performance Driving Center right away to get started. We look forward to seeing you on the track!