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Hold your next birthday party at California’s highest rated driving center and most dynamic venue. Located just 50mins from San Francisco California.


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If you have been given the task of planning a bachelor party for one of your friends, you have nearly endless options at your disposal. Sure, you could go to Vegas. Or, you could spend a couple days playing golf and poker while having a few drinks along the way. There is nothing wrong with those options, but are any of them going to get your blood pumping? Not really. To step outside of the box and plan the bachelor party that everyone involved will still be talking about long after the wedding is over, call Simraceway Performance Driving Center right away.
A big part of the idea behind a bachelor party is to do something that you might not get to do again anytime soon. Collecting a group of your friends and gathering at the famous Sonoma Raceway to speed around in some of the best cars you’ve ever driven? Yeah – that is an experience that doesn’t come along every day. There is no worry about anyone being bored during this kind of a bachelor party, as the horsepower that we have to offer simply won’t allow it.
At Simraceway Performance Driving Center, we don’t just open the gate to the track for you to roll around in your everyday street car. Rather, we offer incredible driving experiences in vehicles such as Formula 3-derived race cars, 125-cc racing karts, high-performance McLarens, and more. You don’t get to go this fast on the open road because your ‘normal’ car doesn’t go this fast, and because it’s not allowed. Leave the worries about a speeding ticket behind and bring your group to the ideal bachelor party venue – Sonoma Raceway.
When not at the track, there is plenty to like about what the greater Sonoma area has to offer for your bachelor party experience. Of course, there is the world-famous wine to enjoy. Also, there are great dining options on nearly every corner, and quality hotels to pick from as well. The scenery is amazing, the weather is perfect throughout much of the year, and we are located less than 60 miles from San Francisco International Airport.
Once you begin to consider the idea of hosting a bachelor party at Simraceway Performance Driving Center, all of the other options on the table will begin to pale in comparison. Contact our team today to learn more about the bachelor party experiences that we can offer to you and your group. Thank you for considering Simraceway!






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