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Holiday Party Packages
For An Unforgettable Driving Experience
Holiday Party Packages
For An Unforgettable Driving Experience

Holiday Party Packages For An Unforgettable Driving Experience

You could host another faceless holiday party. Or you could dare to be different…
Suit up for the wildest party that you’ll talk about long after the Yuletide spirit has died down. Get ready to go wheel-to-wheel, settle scores and share the adrenaline-fuelled joy of motorsport.

Race karts, drive the almighty KTM X-Bow R on track, work together to complete an F1-style pit-stop in the ultimate team building exercise and lots more.

If it’s your company party, a thank you for exceptional staff or something different for the family, we can tailor your event to suit your needs.

At Sonoma Raceway, we are experts in the field of corporate entertainment and we’re practised masters at keeping a group engaged, entertained and most of all safe.

Motorsport can be dangerous, and your safety is our number one priority at every single stage. So, you know we’ve got your back and you can just focus on the next apex and having fun.

What Holiday Party Packages Are on Offer

Here at Santa’s temporary headquarters at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center at Sonoma Raceway, we have got three main party packages:

Holiday Party Venue

Go Karts – Arrive and Drive

  • Price: $150 Per Person/ Min 24 People
  • Duration: 2 Hours

Skim the tarmac at speeds of up to 70mph! Speed takes on a whole new meaning when you’re that close to the floor and your guests will emerge from the first laps wild-eyed with the adrenaline rush. If you haven’t tried Go Kart racing, you simply haven’t lived!
The Simraceway Performance Driving Center boasts the longest and most challenging kart circuit in California and you can come and take on the high-speed bends in our Sprint karts.

We will provide the safety briefing, suits and helmet. Then we’ll introduce you to your chariot: the Sprint kart. You’ll sit so low you can touch the floor (don’t do that, it’s in the briefing), you will feel the engine coarsing through your veins and as you head out on track you will feel raw, unadulterated speed, perhaps for the first time.

Karting is a visceral experience that takes you to the ragged edge of control. You’ll spin, you’ll laugh, you’ll go faster than you ever imagined and everybody will get faster.

Your two-hour session means that everybody will get as much seat time as they could possibly want and nobody will leave feeling they could have done more.
You will let it all hang out on track, you’ll leave with some treasured memories and everybody will remember your Christmas party.

Go Kart Competition

  • Price: $275 Per Person/ Minimum 8 People
  • Duration: 3 Hours

Give your holiday party the competitive edge with a series of competitions that will pit your staff or your family against each other. Friendly rivalries that end out on the track can be a great way to build a team, or just let off steam as a group.

We can build a series of competitions into your day, including an overall winner and we can stage a relay race to focus on the team element.
If you want trophies, a presentation ceremony or even conference facilities, let us know and we’ll do our best to make your holiday party storm into pole position.

KTM Experience

  • Price: $795 Per Person/ Min 6 People

Have your staff gone that extra mile for you this year and you want to show them just where that can-do attitude can take them?

Do you have clients that you share your love for speed and you want to win that big deal? Or do you just want to wow your family and give them a taste of pure speed? Then the KTM X-Bow Experience is for you.

Take to the iconic Sonoma Raceway in the KTM X-Bow R, a racing car with a license plate. This two-seater carbon-fiber supercar offers raw driving thrills and you’ll learn to master this 300bhp, lightweight rocket.

Your personal instructor will get you up to speed before you cut loose and go for flying laps on California’s most challenging track.

The KTM X-Bow R is an experience for the connoisseur. For car enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate driving experience.

Bolt-On Experiences For The Perfect Party

We can build the package that’s perfect for you and we have a range of complementary experiences that you can ‘bolt on’ to your main deal. Contact us for pricing if you want to mix and match, as we will give you a bespoke quote and a discount where possible.

So what else can you do at the Simrwaceway Performance Driving Center?

KTM X-Bow R  Demonstration Laps

  • Price: $195 Per Person
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Put your life in somebody else’s hands as our instructor takes you on a high-speed ride round Sonoma Raceway in the two-seater racer that is the KTM X-Bow R. We’ll blow you and your guests away as they feel the raw acceleration of 300bhp in a lightweight carbon-fiber sportscar.

We’ll put on a show, smoke the tires and show them just what the car is capable of. It’s an intoxicating blend of fear and pure joy, and your guests will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Kart Relay Race

  • Price: $75 Per Person
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Take team building to the next level with a competitive kart relay race. Separate into teams that will face off over one hour to put together the fastest laps, make the fewest mistakes and work together to take the checkered flag first.

Go Kart Junkyard Challenge

  • Price: $50 Per Person
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Could you strip and reassemble a go kart? Could you do it under pressure? This challenge has emerged as a surprise favorite with our holiday parties and the Junkyard Challenge has proved a superb team building exercise. Natural leaders tend to emerge when the floor is covered in screws and the clock is ticking.

F1-Style Pit Stop Challenge

  • Price: $50 Per Person
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Formula One pit-stops have to be seen to be believed as the well-oiled team of mechanics descend on the car as it slides to a halt, change all four tires and send it out in seconds. Could you do that? You can try!

At Sonoma Raceway, you can play pit crew to our Formula 3 racing car. Every person needs to pull their weight and the whole team needs to pull together, so corporate customers love this challenge.

Autocross Time Attack

  • Price: $295 Per Person
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

Autocross is a great way to have fun without going too fast. It’s controlled, with a tight course that demands precision, rather than courage. You get a full briefing on how to drive through and round obstacles. It’s safe, it’s fun and it’s addictive as you go for a fault free run and try to go that little bit faster.

Polaris Circuit Tour

  • Price: $50 Per Person
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Take the perimeter road around the circuit in the legendary Polaris off-road buggy. You’ll have some fun along the way as our instructor shows you just what the Polaris can do. You will also learn about California’s favorite race track.

Garage Tours

  • Price: $50 Per Person
  • Duration: 30 Minutes

Meet the fastest cars in the world up close and personal. Get a guided tour of the racing cars, legendary road cars and some other surprises we keep ready to rock at Sonoma Raceway. Get a taste of the racing driver life, a whole new appreciation for life at the track and a glimpse of what you could drive if you come back.

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