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Case Studies

Case Studies

YPO Chapter meeting meets adrenaline

YPO came to Simraceway looking for a unique setting to host their regional chapter meeting. Goal was to have 60+ members and spouses come out for a day at the track to include meeting space, breakout space, catering and of course some high adrenaline driving run…

OEM Press Event

Our client with Alfa was looking for a Press Event to introduce the new 4C to the press. Their goal was to come to the Bay Area to entertain the media with a life style street drive with a day at the raceway to showcase the…

Car Launch/ Arrive and Drive Tour

Audi was looking for an innovative program where the Audi Q5 would be fully appreciated.  It needed to have lifestyle elements and partnerships to help hook the participants into attending.  One of our main goals was to attract a largely female audience, needed to have…