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PDC/ASCE Instructors: Jeff Westphal

Audi sportscar experience and Simraceway Performance Driving Center instructor Jeff Westphal is a highly-successful pro driver. He has acquired championships and track records in both open-wheel and sports car disciplines, experiencing the former up to the current Indy Lights car, and the latter up to Rolex GT….

PDC Instructor Triumphs in Motor City

Simraceway Performance Driving Center instructor Jeff Westphal grabbed an impressive GTD class victory in the Chevrolet Sports Car Classic on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday.   Along with team-mate Alessandro Balzan, Jeff drove his no. 63 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia to victory from sixth on…

How to Get Around COTA…Fast!

Simraceway Performance Driving Center instructor Matt Bell is one of a select group: a driver who has taken on Circuit of The Americas twice. In fact, in March of this year the Californian got up-close-and-personal with the Austin circuit twice in one day—once in a…

Allan McNish Claims his First WEC Title!

It feels like we’re always congratulating Simraceway pro driver Allan McNish. But that’s mainly because he always seems to be winning things!   The year opened with him claiming the oldest trophy in British motor racing, the RAC Tourist Trophy, at Silverstone. Then he took…

Allan McNish on Surviving Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most extreme tests of fitness, control, and concentration an athlete can experience. In this video, Allan provides a driver’s-eye-view of how to survive a 24-hour race. httpvh://