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Formula 3 Racing Series

Introducing Dedicated F3 Parts Stores

At the higher levels of motorsport like F3, properly enjoying and experiencing your vehicle on the track takes significant effort and involvement. The logistics of spare parts, vehicle maintenance, and making sure your car is not only fast on the track, but safe as well, can be a major undertaking.

Simraceway already offers numerous world-class benefits and is now proud to offer its Turn 1 Club members exclusive access to a dedicated Parts Store for their F3 race machines. Allow Simraceway to handle the headache and manage the logistics while you enjoy your car to its maximum with a Parts Store.

Outstanding Benefits

Having your own dedicated Parts Store comes with some terrific benefits:

  • Fast fixes – Because you will have spare parts allocated specifically for you, there will be no risk of another driver or car taking the key part(s) you need should you have a racing incident
  • Critical parts – Speaking of parts, the Parts Store will be fully stocked with critical parts and items that your F3 car needs to run at its very best
  • Wrapped in your livery – Many of the parts you need from your Parts Store can be adorned in your personalized livery
  • Dedicated parts trolley – When you enroll in the Parts Store program, you’ll get your own customized parts trolley complete with your name and car number emblazoned on it. It also comes with storage for your helmet as well as additional personal area storage and will be rolled out with your car each time it’s used

What’s Offered

The list of available parts on offer in this program is extensive and covers nearly every facet of your F3 machine. The Parts Store program comes in three distinct packages: Max ($26,595), Medium ($14,750), and Baseline ($10,940). 

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included with each package:

Maximum = Everything listed is included – BUY NOW
Medium = Front Suspension, Complete nose assembly/design not included, Wheels/Tires, (2) Half shaft assembly – BUY NOW
Baseline = Complete nose assembly/design not included, Wheels/Tires – BUY NOW

Below you can explore how each section can meet your driving needs…

Front suspension

  • (1) Front pushrod assembly
  • (1) Front track rod assembly
  • (1) Left/right front lower wishbone
  • (1) Front top wishbone

Rear Suspension

  • (1) Rear lower wishbone
  • (1) Rear toe links
  • (1) Rear top wishbone
  • (1) Rear pushrod assembly


  • (1) Complete nose assembly w/ mainplane (design not included)
  • (1) Rear wing assembly (design not included)
  • (1) Windscreen replacement

Wheels and Tires

  • (4) ATS wheels, Front/Rear set
  • (4) Pirelli tires, Front/Rear set
  • Mounting/balancing


  • (1) 12/34 ring and pinion assembly
  • (1) 1st through 5th gears
  • (2) Half shaft assembly (two per car)

Register Soon!

Parts Stores will be offered once per year as parts need to be batched purchased and the trolleys need to be custom ordered. If you’re interested in participating in the Parts Store program, orders need to be received no later than August 31, and orders will be delivered ahead of the October F3 race.

Enjoy Your F3 Car As It Was Meant To Be

You know as well as anyone that the joy of driving a Formula 3 car at speed on a top-tier track like the one at Simraceway is hard to describe. With the new Parts Store program, you can enjoy that experience to the fullest without worrying about spare parts or how to keep your car running at its peak. Give us a call at 800-733-0345 and register for the Parts Store program today!

Racing News is Good News

Our own Paul Charsley shows off his motorsport knowledge and our school offerings in a news spot this week that covered our Audi sportscar expreience and final race of the 2016 F3 Winter Series!

It’s big news to anyone looking to get out on a famous track and drive fast while driving well. Come give us a visit!

2015 Simraceway F3 Summer Series – Race 2

Another day, another race in the battle for the Simraceway Championship crown!


Building on his great run to the top of the podium in race 1, Peter Ludwig secured his first pole position of the 14-race season with an impressive series of only three timed laps, leaving the rest of the field to try and chase down his benchmark time.


Brian Frank came closest, but still fell 0.17 seconds shy, meaning he would line up on the outside of row 1. Next up was Doug Tuttle, John Jastremski, and John Schauerman, with Argentine Roy Block’s improved pace seeing him in P6. Another driver showing great progress was Russian driver Anatoly Pogorelov, who lined up in 8th.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and finishing positions.

2015 Simraceway F3 Summer Series – Race 1

The sun shone as the clock ticked down to the first race of the newly-renamed 2015 Simraceway F3 Summer Series, with a full field of old and new competitors looking to make some early gains for the run to the Simraceway Championship.


Qualifying saw former race winner John Jastremski on pole, with experienced new boy Peter Ludwig showing some fantastic pace to line up alongside him at the front of the grid. On the second row, 2014-15 Winter Series champ Brian Frank claimed the inside with John “don’t squeeze” Schauerman outside him.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and finishing positions.

The Simraceway F3 Summer Series is Back, Bigger and Better

After a brief break from racing following the climax of the inaugural F3 Winter Series, April 18 sees the newly-renamed Simraceway F3 Summer Series get under way. What’s more, the prestigious event, reintroduced last year after a long hiatus, will feature more races and visit more tracks than ever before.


Jim Russell F3 Racing Series - Race 8_140713_2109-3384271738-O_140713_3236-3384287709-O

After the successful expansion of the Winter Series to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, this summer’s championship will be revisiting the storied Monterey circuit for two rounds in May, as well as taking two races to Southern California’s Buttonwillow Raceway Park in July. With our home base of Sonoma Raceway retaining its allocation of ten events, that adds up to  a total of 14 rounds–four more than last summer’s series–for the contestants to look forward to.


SonomaRaceway ResizedLaguna Seca ResizedButtonwillow resized




But how will it all go down this time around? Will the “Texan Tornado” Chase Murray, beaten to the Winter Series drivers’ title on the last weekend of the season, get back to winning ways and retain his Summer Series crown? Will the ever-consistent Brian Frank need to make even more room on his mantelpiece after beating Murray to the Winter title? Or will another of the series’ full field of drivers push themselves into the limelight?


We’re looking forward to watching the six month-long battle, with the first shots fired at Sonoma Raceway on April 18. Stay tuned to follow the series’ progress.


JR F3 2014 Series Winners


Click here to find out more about the 2015 Simraceway F3 Summer Series.

Watch: Racing at Laguna Seca Rocks!

When asked to consider the many challenges laid down by the 11-turn Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, most racers would immediately point to the infamous Corkscrew.


For GoPro cameras strapped to the cockpits of our super-advanced Lola SRW Formula 3 cars, however, it appears every yard of the 2.24-mile circuit is fraught with danger. View the action below to find out how one particular GoPro case met its end.



Rest in pieces, old friend!

Watch: Jim Russell F3 Winter Series Action

With the Jim Russell F3 Series action taking a break until April, here’s a look back at one of the most entertaining battles from the 2014-15 Winter Series.


After two of Race 2’s top three qualifiers spun off the track on the first lap at Sonoma Raceway, their chances of winning the race were all-but-over. However it didn’t stop them giving it a damn good try. Read an extract from the Race 2 report below, or watch the video as Simraceway‘s Liam Jenkins take you through the action.



The eminently watchable recovery runs of Jastremski and Frank would add yet more sparkle to an engrossing race. In the end, Jastremski was able to reel the pack in, finishing a creditable tenth. Frank, meanwhile, pulled off the “pass of the weekend” as he closed on the dog-fighting Roy Block and Jim McGuire into turn 9. McGuire had Block all set up for a pass but as both were pinching on the right-side of the road, the charging Frank saw a gap on the outside. After passing McGuire, he made a move on Block as they turned in for the tight chicane. The pass didn’t materialize, however, and despite coming out of the chicane with good momentum, two further stabs at the Argentinean saw Frank come up just short on the finish line.


Read the full report.


Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway – Race 6

Round 6—the final race of the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway—saw Kevin Woods claim his second pole position on the trot.With fellow front-runner Chase Murray unable to attend the second race of the weekend, top Championship contender Brian Frank got to see an open track ahead for the green flag in P2.


The battle for third on the grid was very close. Third spot was changing hands every lap with six different drivers in the frame. Ultimately Pat Daly put together a great session and threw down a 1:27.272 on lap 9 of qualifying—his fastest of the weekend. John Schauerman finished fourth with a time of 1:27.449, while Gus Doppes (1:27.661) would start fifth, Bill Sheilds (1:27.788) sixth, Jim McGuire (1:27.816) seventh and Doug Tuttle (1:28.229) in eighth.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.

Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway – Race 5

The final two rounds of the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway were greeted by more beautiful weather in Monterrey. Many lessons had been learned since the previous month’s visit to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and the multitude of upgrades developed by the Simraceway technical staff, allied with the drivers’ increased familiarity with the famous old track, brought a significant drop in times from January’s rounds.


Lining up in first place was Kevin Woods, whose mighty effort in the Lola SRW F3 saw him post a time of 1:24.128—a new lap record for the car by a margin of over 3.5 seconds! Alongside him at the front of the grid was Championship leader and winner of the previous two rounds held at Laguna Seca, Chase Murray. The next six drivers qualified within a second of each other, with Brian Frank—a strong finisher in the last round—inside row two.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.

Warming Up for Winter Series Showdown

A return to the mighty Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for the final two rounds of the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway is just around the corner–and it looks like 2014 Summer Series champion, Chase Murray is in the Catbird seat for back-to-back titles.


For the rest of the pack, things aren’t quite so straightforward though. Late charger Brian Frank will hope to put in a stronger qualifying and start effort this time so he doesn’t have to pull more last-lap heroics out of the bag. Who knows, maybe a front-row start could see him finally get to dice it up for the lead and stop the Texas Flash from dominating the upcoming races.


Biting at Brian’s ankles will be the ever-aggressive Pat Daly, while old sparring partners John Schauerman, Quentin Wahl and Doug Tuttle are always more-than-capable of fighting it out for podium spots. With one weekend and two races at the Monterey facility under their belts, everyone should be ready to go, so it should be quite a show!



Championship Standings

1. Chase Murray: 235pts
2. Brian Frank: 185pts
3. Pat Daly: 183 pts
4. John Schauerman: 179 pts
5. Quentin Wahl: 179 pts
6. Doug Tuttle: 169 pts
7. William Shields: 160 pts
8. Gus Doppes: 159 pts
9. Roy Block: 158 pts
10. Jim Mcguire: 154 pts

The final two rounds of the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway will take place on February 21 and 22.


Be a part of the action this summer in the 2015 Simraceway F3 Series

Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway – Race 3

The third race in the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway saw a very different landscape as this was the inaugural “away” race for the Lola F3 cars and the first in many years for a Jim Russell Championship. A glorious weekend greeted racers and Simraceway crew alike at the world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. From Zanardi to Andretti Laguna Seca and it’s infamous corkscrew has been a haven for many an epic open wheel battle and now the Jim Russell F3 series drivers would get a taste of it for themselves.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.

Happy New Year–Now Let’s Get Racing!

Don’t let that bite in the air fool you, at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center, we’re out in full force! The new calendar has been hung and January is shaping up to be a fantastic month with everything from 2-for-1 karting to Jim Russell F3 Winter Series racing at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!


Find out what’s going on in January at the PDC.

Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway – Race 2

Race 2 of the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway saw a whole different side of mother nature as the drivers were treated to a clear and dry (well, dry-ish!) Sonoma Raceway.


Another tight qualifying battle saw the top two, John Jastremski and Chase Murray, fight it out for the entire session–both risking taking the edge of their Pirelli slicks for the race but seeing that P1 start as an important part of standing taller on the podium at the end of the day. Unfortunately an error at turn 2 late in practice meant that Roy Strandberg could not finish off his weekend, but some good strides in competitiveness will give him something positive to build from as the Winter Series continues at Laguna Seca in the New Year.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.

Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway – Race 1

When sign-ups for the Jim Russell F3 Winter Series by Simraceway opened up and were sold out in three days, we knew this was going to be an exciting “off-season”–and so it was!


A new influx of drivers was met by the northern California “storm of the decade” in the week leading up to the race weekend, making it difficult to become acquainted with the Simraceway F3 Lola. The tech team was kept busy fixing a couple of missteps by the rookies but all cars were present, shiny and accounted for on the morning of race 1.


Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.

Lap of Champions in the Lola SRW F3

Our online simulation’s popular Hot Lap Hump Day YouTube series had a very special addition recently. Usually featuring in-game footage, this special episode took a lap with a driver from our Jim Russell F3 Series Race of Champions, held last month. Featuring the dulcet tones of our up-and-coming commentator, Liam Jenkins, the footage provides a unique perspective on what it feels like to turn a lap of Sonoma Raceway in our industry-leading Formula 3 car.



If you want to take this awesome open-wheeler through the twists and turns of Sonoma Raceway, check out our F3 courses and experiences–there’s bound to be one for you!

Race of Champions: Images from the Day

The 2014 Jim Russell F3 Racing Series “Race of Champions” took place at the weekend. Check out our Facebook page for a series of photos from what turned out to be an eventful day. And remember, you can still register for next year’s Jim Russell F3 Racing Series, for ultra-affordable open-wheel racing!


Jim Russell F3 Race of Champions

With the 2014 Jim Russell F3 Racing Series over for 2014, this weekend sees the prestigious “Race of Champions” take place around Sonoma Raceway. To stand a chance of tasting the champagne next season, find out how to register for the 2015 series by heading to our dedicated page!


Jim Russell F3 Racing Series – Race 10

It was Round 10–the curtain call for the 2014 Jim Russell F3 Racing Series–and, once again, Chase Murray starred in qualifying with Kevin Woods close behind. The rest of the field was stacked up even more tightly, with an extremely small margin from front to back.



Click here to read a full race report and view the race gallery and leaderboard.