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Simraceway Pro Driver Dario Franchitti Retires from Racing

Four-time IndyCar champion and triple winner of the Indianapolis 500, Dario Franchitti announced yesterday that he would be retiring from professional motorsport due to medical concerns resulting from his crash in Houston. As someone we’ve worked with closely over the last few years, that news provokes a range of emotions.



As racing fans, we share in the sadness that will be felt across the entire sport–we took immense pleasure from his continued successes and even had the privilege of sharing in some of his biggest victories.


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However, having also been lucky enough to get to know the man behind the legend, we’re thankful that Dario is taking a route that will keep him out of harm’s way in the future.


Franchitti Reflects on an Amazing Win

As you may have seen in Dario Franchitti’s post-qualifying interview with Simraceway, he was a little concerned about the pace of the team after only making 16th place on the grid for this year’s Indy 500. It looked like he would have an uphill battle on his hands before the race, but the team–and the guys at Honda–had been working hard behind the scenes.

They brought some developments to the engine just in time and, by the time race day came around, the car felt quicker, enabling Dario to produce consistently fast laps as he closed on the front runners and, ultimately, took the checkered flag. Read on to discover how Dario himself saw things unfold in our exclusive post-race video!


Simraceway–Three in a Row at the Indy 500?

With the world-famous Indianapolis 500 only a few days away, our good friend Dario Franchitti is deep in preparation for the monumental event. So whilst Dario gets himself geared up to try and make it three-in-a-row for Simraceway, we’ve decided to take a look back at the last two Indy 500 races that ended so triumphantly for our drivers.


2010: Dario at the Double

Franchitti’s 2010 win, the second time he’d taken top spot at the prestigious race, saw Wheldon finishing in 2nd place, completing a fantastic one-two result for our pro drivers.

Dario had qualified an impressive 3rd on the grid. For him it was all about consistency, staying with the leaders, and taking the lead when the time was right. Dan, meanwhile, had a very different time of it. He qualified down in 18th position but, during the course of an eventful race, was able to climb an amazing 16 places with consistent quick laps and smart overtaking moves. Very different approaches then but, in the end, the two good friends were only separated by one place.