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Join the T1 Club: Simraceway’s Private Motorsport Club

If you’ve experienced the adrenaline rush that comes with driving at speed on a racetrack, you’re probably itching for more. 

The T1 Club Program at Simraceway is our private motorsports club for graduates of our Performance driving and racing school programs. It’s for drivers looking to explore their passion at a deeper and more frequent basis than a few track days a year can offer. The T1 Club will help you develop your skills beyond what standard courses and schools can offer, and transform you into the driver you know you can be.

Get More Track Time

If you plan on joining a private motorsports club like the T1 Club, you should expect opportunities to enjoy it. To that end, members have access to an unparalleled 60 on-track dates a year which are hosted between four and eight times per month. These days are exclusive to T1 Club members and can be used in either our Full or Express days format. 

Full days consist of four or five 30-minute track sessions with breaks for performance debriefs and lunch, while an Express day offers two 30-minute sessions with a break in between. As the name suggests, a Full day will run from 8 AM to 3 or 4 PM, while Express days are usually offered in the morning from 8 to 10 AM allowing you to get some track time in before work or other important matters. 

If you have a fully track-prepped race car, or at least a racing license, you can also use your Full days on Sonoma’s Open Testing days to get it prepared for events. We’re also working hard to increase the number of T1 Club track days to bring members even more value.

Need to get some work done when you’re at the track? Our clubhouse is well equipped, allowing drivers to check in or take video calls and attend to work between sessions.

Become a Better Driver

Both Full and Express days include free base level instruction with our expert professional instructors posted at key corners of the track taking notes to help you debrief during breaks. During the debrief, they’ll give you key takeaways that you directly apply to your next session to help you cement improvements and reduce your lap times. 

Additionally, T1 Club members have access to schedule 1:1 private coaching with our professional instructors, all of whom have decades of experience in professional racing careers. It is by far the best way to improve your skillset and get the most out of your passion.  

Additional Membership Benefits and Services

T1 Club members receive more than just expanded track time and coaching services. We know that some of the best cars for driving on the track are not ideal on public roads and highways, so all members receive complimentary car storage for one vehicle at the track. Members also have the option of expanding their storage options to up to five vehicles for an additional fee.

Vehicles stored with Simraceway are also eligible for the Arrive-and-Drive Pit Lane Concierge Service, wherewith advance notice we will get your car cleaned and prepped for the day so all you have to do is show up. If your vehicle requires maintenance, you can use Simraceway’s mechanical support at a preferential rate depending on the vehicle. 

Lastly, members can bring up to three non-driving guests with them at any time, and they’ll have access to the clubhouse during normal business hours. Members also receive six annual guest passes. Qualified guest drivers can bring their own car as long as it meets mechanical standards and they are suitably experienced per Simraceway’s sole discretion. 

How to Join the T1 Club

In order to qualify for the Tier 1 club, you must be referred by an existing member or one of our instructors. That typically occurs through participation in our racing schools or high performance driving programs, which we strongly encourage as it gives us the opportunity to get to know you, your current driving skill level and future targets. You’ll also need to have graduated from either Stage 2 or Stage 3 of the Performance Driving Stage programs. This is to ensure safety and a high standard of driving performance on the track so you get the most of your membership.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form to apply

Private Coaching – Accelerate your development

Are you looking to take your driving skills to the next level? As a T1 Club member at Simraceway, you have access to private one-on-one coaching with our senior and chief instructors. Whilst practice makes perfect, that is only true if you are practicing the right thing! –  As Chief Instructor Nico Rondet likes to correct, “Perfect practice makes perfect”! So whilst T1 days their included basic group instruction are a great tool for highlighting areas to focus on improvement. The structure, rigor and dedicated personal attention of a private coaching day is easily the best way to become a faster, better, driver, allowing you to maximize your time on the track and get the most from yourself and your membership.  

Learn from Professional Racers

Private coaching at Simraceway is performed by chief instructors with professional racing careers who have decades of experience. 

With decades of experience, there is nothing that surprises our senior coaches and unlike other instruction methods, such as our group courses, you’ll have your chief instructor’s full and undivided attention for the entire day. If you continue to struggle with a particular section of the track, your equipment or technique, they will work with you to overcome it.

Data is Truth

Instructors attentively watch your laps from track-side vantage points and feedback to you in real-time over the radio. If available with your car,  they will also review video and telemetry data with you after the session. If there are any gaps in your driving abilities, they’ll be able to quickly identify them and provide you with the means to improve. 

The knowledge learned from these sessions can be applied during the next T1 club track day or any other driving experience. 

Enhance Your Skills with Private Instruction

Whether you are still new to performance driving and track days, or if you feel like you’ve plateaued and are unable to improve your lap times any further, 1:1 private coaching is the perfect solution. 

It is oftentimes difficult to assess yourself in the heat of a fast lap, so having someone watching over you is a huge help, especially when you’re trying to shave stubborn seconds and milliseconds from your already respectable lap times.

If you have recently added a new performance vehicle to your stable, private coaching is an excellent opportunity to transfer what you already know to your new car. A Mustang will drive differently than a Porsche, so you can’t expect to drive them exactly the same. Our chief instructors make sure you understand the limits of your new vehicle so that you can quickly get up to speed and learn how to extract the performance it has to offer. 

if you are a current T1 Club member who would like to know more about investing in private coaching at Simraceway, please email [email protected]. If you are not yet a T1 club member and are interested in applying, you can do so at this link