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T1 Club: Introducing Unlimited T1 Days

There are lots of benefits to a Turn 1 Club membership. And, for those that have stored two cars or joined our F3 or KTM ownership program, one of those perks now includes unlimited T1 Days. While standard T1 membership offers 16 full days and 40 express days (56 total), this new benefit for our most active members provides many more days on Sonoma Raceway each year, between 60-80 full track days.

On “Full” format T1 Days, drivers complete four or five 30-minute driving sessions. While you are driving on the track, our professional driving instructors are watching and taking notes. During breaks, they will debrief you on how to improve your driving technique feedback on what you’re doing right. “Full” format T1 Days typically run from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. In addition to debriefing breaks following your driving sessions, you’ll also have a break for lunch.

“Express” T1 driving days are morning sessions, usually running from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. “Express” mornings include two 30-minute driving sessions and one break for debriefing.

Members with racing competition licenses (SCCA, IMSA, NASCAR, FIA, or other) and track-prepped cars that conform to SCCA regulations can also take part in Open Testing days.

T1 Days run seamlessly through Simraceway’s Arrive and Drive Pit Lane Concierge Service. Our Concierge service will clean your car, set tire pressures, torque your wheels, and have your car ready to begin your sessions upon your arrival at the track.

And, don’t forget that members can bring guest drivers and three non-driver guests, who will have clubhouse access during your T1 Day. Guest drivers must be pre-qualified by Simraceway and can bring their own car as long as it’s vetted for safety. You may bring up to 6 guest drivers per year, with each entitled to up to two T1 Days.

Everyone participating in a T1 Day must meet minimum levels of driving expertise. For your safety and that of other members, everyone must have completed a Stage 2 Performance Driving course. Completion of Stage 3 Performance Driving training is strongly encouraged.  So, don’t forget: If you’ve bought a car at Simraceway or are storing two at the facility, scheduling your driving days is flexible and unlimited. Improve your driving skills and use your membership to its fullest.

T1 Member vehicles in storage

To request addition of this benefit to your club, please email [email protected].

If you not yet a T1 Club member but are interested in membership, please apply here.

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